The officers and committee shall comprise of : Captain, Vice Captain, Immediate Past Captain, Honorary Secretary and four elected committee members. Full details are published in the SCAGC Booklet on page 6 & 7.

You can view our past captains here.

Captain M. Knobel-Forbes Heydon Grange GC
Vice-Captain M.Jones Saffron Walden GC
T. Akers Barkway Park GC
M. S Palmer Gog Magog GC
J. Fuller Girton GC
Founder Members
G.B.W Kent Saffron Walden GC
E.G Edwards Gog Magog GC
J.F Goddard CAGU
M.M Mackenzie Links GC
J.Simpson Royston GC
Honorary Life Members
I.Seeley Links GC
C.Hay The Cambridgeshire GC
D.Orwell Links GC
Hon. Secretary & Treasurer
S.B. Watson Bourn GC
A. Wood Brampton Park GC
A. Todd Ely City GC
Club Liaison Officers
07803 857412 R.G. Smith Barkway Park GC
Withheld K. Howlett Bourn GC
01480 351000 D.E. Creek Brampton Park GC
01279 718979 G. Matthews Cambridge Meridian GC
01638 742093 A. Todd Ely City GC
07884 267492 H. Carlisle Girton GC
01223 845387 M.S. Palmer Gog Magog GC
01799 531369 P.W. Black Heydon Grange GC
01638 603304 I.D. Pountain Links GC
07920 194633 P. Glynn The Cambridgeshire
01487 741275 R.Tacq Ramsey GC
01799 527750 P. Taylor Saffron Walden GC
01487 843480 G. Clapinski St Ives GC
01480 860660 G. Dubock St Neots GC